Is it possible to use Asana on clothing manufacturing?

Hi there!

I am trying to implement Asana in my company.
We are a clothing manufacturer and we deal with the whole process. The usual workflow is the following:

  1. Fabrics (outsource)
  2. Accessories (outsource)
  3. Cut (in-house)
  4. Printing/Embroidery (outsource)
  5. Sewing (in-house)
  6. Packaging (in-house)
  7. Shipping

The thing is that I also have different stages like:

  1. Quote
  2. Prototype
  3. Sales-man Samples/Sizeset samples
  4. Bulk Production

How am I supposed to organize this?!

Thank you in advance :wink:


Hi @Gonçalo_Faria

If you’re at least Premium, then you should use a mix of sections and custom fields. Custom fields are really great to follow steps or stages, with a drop down menu if the different options.

Have you tried creating custom fields?

See the guide here: How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Should one of your products be a single task with 2 columns in drop-down menus? Or do you need to define several tasks for each product?



Hey @Gonçalo_Faria, this might also be an interesting guide: How Oru Kayak uses Asana to launch products | Product guide • Asana Product Guide


The great thing about Asana is that you can set it up in a variety of ways that might be able to meet your needs. Because your project vision is so large, I suggest checking out the Academy lessons ( - they don’t take long, and you’ll get a sense for how big systems are organized. Who performs the tasks you’ve listed above? Are they the same for every product you make? Do you have multiple teams working on the same product, or are teams working on their own things? How specific do your tasks need to be?

These ideas might generate better options for you as you see what works and what doesn’t:

  • Give each team that has its own isolated work their own Team in Asana. For example, maybe your marketing team needs occasional projects to either process their communications or make new campaigns.
  • Create a centralized product project that uses a Board project type. In that project, add single tasks for each product you’re making, and template tasks that you can copy each time you make a new product. The tasks can move from column to column as they progress through the system you described above. For example, a new shirt design starts in the preliminary phases, then gets moved to Fabrics when it has been sent for outsourcing. Then it gets moved to Accessories, where a new person works on it, and so on. This assumes you have a single product that moves through a normal progression.
  • Have each product be a task, with all of its necessary subtasks (send to Fab, confirm colors, confirm sizing options, whatever). Move that task through columns in a Board format, where each column is “Quote,” “Prototype,” “Samples,” and “Bulk production.”
  • Use the List format for a project that houses each of your Season’s work. For instance, you might have a Summer 2022 project. In that project, each task is a product, copied from a template (just like the idea above), but this time it doesn’t move through Board sections.

These are just ideas - you’ll need to work out a system that works for your team. Just remember that you can organize many ways (by Team, by Project, by Task, etc.), and that you can create templates for repeated tasks that you do often.

I agree that custom fields might help you - that’s a Premium feature. I also agree that looking at examples is a big help! Lots of people use Asana for lots of things, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.

Best of luck.

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@Goncalo_Figueiredo ,
Asana can be as flexible and rigid as you want it to be. You can always visualize your Workflow in the form of Editable BOARDS and bring in your tasks as work and then for stages you could always use TAGs of Asana.

With this approach, you might need a Cordinator, who would strictly look after the entries done in ASANA. Come in touch with me, if you need consultation in these lines.

I could give you a head start by setting up an account for you too.


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You can definitely use Asana to organize all of your communication and tasks for starting a clothing line. The most important part, though is knowing what tasks you need to do and in what order.

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