Splitting a task and dividing workload

I am in a need of tips, what is the best way to tackle the situations below:

I have several projects where I have ran into a situation, where it would be extremely helpful to split the task into parts, so that I can schedule them in two or three sections. Is there a easy way to do this?

Also I am struggling to find a way to divide the workload for certain tasks. As the total workload might be 30 hours and I notice that our usual capacity isn’t enough. It would be useful to add another worker on the same task and split the workload between them. Is this possible to do, without creating a copy of the task?

Last one is that is there a way to track the actual workload in a way, that the total workload for a task is 40 hours and the task should be completed within 3 weeks. If a worker has already done 10 hours of the task, the workload should adjust accordingly. Only way to do this I have figured out this far is to have three different columns. Estimated workload, hours spent, and last workload, that I use more as hours left on the task. This is just a lot of work to do manually. So is there any easier way to achieve the same result?

Maybe use subtasks and multi-home them into the project, into various sections. @lpb did you see this use case already?

A task only has a single assignee, so you’ll need to tasks, one for each assignee.

I believe this is the only way, what would you expect ideally?

@Bastien_Siebman, I think your suggestions are good ones. This is a good use of subtasks, I feel, and totally appropriate to multi-home them back into the parent project if you need that and are comfortable with it. I think that is a good solution here for the needs @Jussi_Kangasniemi points out. But I didn’t spend a lot of time with this; hard to know precisely how to handle just at a glance, but I think you’re on the right track.



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First of all, thanks for the response.

I think ideally, I would like there to be some sort of adding on values in columns function. This way the workload would give better feedback if the estimate for the hours needed is off, or if a task is almost finished.

Hey @Jussi_Kangasniemi,

if you would like to add values per task you can set up custom fields and then have custom fields for expected hrs vs completed hrs. Maybe something like this can help: Allocating hours, how to do this? - #2 by Andrea_Mayer ?

Formulas in custom fields are not available yet indeed.

I think @Bastien_Siebman , @lpb, and @Andrea_Mayer have you covered but 1 quick note, if you want to create duplicate tasks there is an easy way to do this using the Assign Duplicate Tasks feature in Asana. This feature has been a game-changer for me since I discovered it so hopefully it helps you as well!



Right, @Matt_Dickinson, and here’s an approach I like with both Assign Duplicate Tasks and subtasks:


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Haven’t used this feature before, so have to try it out.
Thanks for the response.


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