Workload for team work

Hi there, I hope I’m posting in the right category.

I would like to use Workload with my team, but I’m having a hard time including teamwork.

We have multiple projects where people work as a group. So far, we have been entering one person as the lead (assignee) and others are added as collaborators. However, the workload for these collaborators would be the same as for the assignee.

I have read about creating copies of a task as a possible solution, but these are not tasks that multiple people would complete independently. .

Does anyone have any tips/tricks/suggestions?


Because workload is counting tasks (whether it is the actual count or a metric) based on assignee, you have no choice but to have one task for each collaborator.

You could automate a little by having someone create a script that would create those tasks automagically…


Quick question: I believe just some specific task happen to have the collaborators work as much as the assignee correct? That does not apply to every task?


As @Bastien_Siebman points out, to use Workload properly in this case you need Assignees, not Collaborators. But I feel your best solution in this case is subtasks for these Assignees, not separate tasks, because then you have a single place to describe the work.

You will need to multi-home (Add to Project) each subtask into the task’s project so that Workload can see these subtasks. That can be a little confusing to some; just make a section at the bottom of the project called “Subtasks for Workload” (or similar) and keep it collapsed.

You don’t need a custom script. Follow the approach as described below, but either specify the Assign Duplicates by team (if the coworkers exist as a team often, create one once), or by enumerating the several assignees by name each time.

Hope that helps,


PS Stealing be Solution from Bastien because I think this is a more complete solution, but if you disagree, grab it back!


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