Split windows on a Mac 💻

Has anyone had this issue?
I work on my Mac and split windows sometimes to view details from an email / file and work on my asana project.

When I do that, the browser no longer allows me to move to the right. In this instance, I wanted to access the customise button. The screen shot shows that I can only view the edge of sort.

Anyone has similar issues? shall I report it as a bug?
PS - I use Safari browser.

I never use the split feature from Mac (did not know it even existed a couple of weeks ago) and instead I use https://www.spectacleapp.com/ that I believe have more flexibility (you can split 1/3 2/3), split vertically etc

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Thought I would check it out but the website says it is not actively being maintained :pensive:

It has been working for me for many years.

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@Rashad_Issa, can you confirm if this is happening with:

  • a private window

  • another browser?

Thank you!

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Hi @Marie ,
I just tried it on a windows laptop and a chrome browser.
The browser this time allowed me to move to the right, but only a bit. It still did not allow me to move all the way to the right to see all the custom fields.
I will do another test on my Mac with a private window later.

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