Specific rights of column

Please help me figure this out.
There are 3 different projects , each project consists of 10 employees.
On the board of the project number 1 I have 1 section for each employee, the task is that the employee can see only my column and tasks on the board. Can you please tell me how to realize my need without creating a separate board for each employee?

Hi @Vladyslav2

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If all employee have access to the project, they will see all columns.

Hi @Vladyslav2 . If all assignees are ‘Member’ users in your org but NOT members of the project, then they can see ONLY their assigned tasks in their My tasks along with any custom fields added to the library (as long as they are NOT Guest users), and they will be able to mark the task complete, change due date, add attachments, change description and add comments etc.

They will not be able to see the project if it is private, or the section in which the tasks belong to.

That may solve your issue :wink:

But best to test all this with another member to understand what they will and will not see or be able to change/edit.


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