specific questions on what will happen if we downgrade from Premium to Basic

My team has been using Asana Premium for a long time now. We are considering a downgrade to the free basic version. I know how to downgrade, and I know that “no data will be lost” if we downgrade. But I still have specific questions. For example, we use dependencies on our tasks and subtasks. After we downgrade, if we duplicate a task that has subtasks that use dependencies, would those dependencies copy over? Would we still be able to check off subtasks that use dependencies?

Second question-According to the list where you can compare features of different price points, Premium users have access to custom templates. Basic users do not. But when I go to the 3 dots at the corner of one of our tasks (in Premium) and try to click “convert task to template”, it won’t let me, and a window pops up that says “Task templates is a Premium Feature”. But we have premium now. So why are we getting that pop up?

Maybe you have Premium on a Team, not the entire org?

I believe the dependency feature would disappear altogether, but the rest of the structure would remain. @Rebecca_McGrath any insights?

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Should you downgrade, any Premium features will be removed but your tasks will remain available.

If you would like more info your specific plan, our Support team will be able to help you :slight_smile:

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