Sorting by sections

It would be helpful if we could sort alphabetically by sections and the tasks beneath those sections would move along with the sections. Right now if I try and sort alphabetically and I have tasks and sections, it will sort by every task. I then lose my order and have to sort out my tasks again under the appropriate sections.

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We agree. The ability to sort within a section by due date and other characteristics would be very valuable.


We agree, this seems like a pretty major thing when creating sections. I’ve created about 25 sections and would like them listed alphabetically so they are easy to spot. However, I’ll be constantly adding tasks under the section and don’t want them to be alphabetized…am I missing something?

Sections have evolved a lot these past few weeks, maybe this is something on the way!

Another question about sections, Is there any fix in process where when you sort within a project the sections stay with the tasks? Right now if you sort by individual assigned, the section headings end up all over the place.

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Hi @Shirlyn_Adkins,

I merged your comment with this feature request post in the #productfeedback category to consolidated all requests around sorting by sections.

Has there been any additional movement on updates to how Sections function? I’m desperately waiting for sortable, moveable and collapsable sections. It seems to me if it can work in a Search or MyTasks this could be translated to Sections over all. Look forward to this update.