Sections should be maintained when sorting alphabetically within a project


When you now have sections in a project and sort alphabetically, the tasks get sorted alphabetically without being kept in their sections. It would be way better if we could just sort the sections alphabetically and keep the tasks underneath their sections.

My guess is that it will work when the new data model for sections is fully operational.


What is this?

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Asana is changing the way they represent sections (in the code). Right now they are just tasks. They will become “real sections” that wrap tasks. And that will come with many improvements, probably including this one!


Ah that’s great news! Thanks for explaining.


Do you know the ETA for this update by any chance?

More details there: Sections are dead! Long live sections!

Yes yes please could we have this and could we also have the total length of the tasks within a section captured and displayed next to the section name.

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Hi @Sofie_Couwenbergh, @Kenya_Simon and @Khalid_Sharif! :wave:t5:

Stepping here to let you know that we are currently rolling out a new feature that will allow you to sort your project within sections! :raised_hands:t5: You can read more about it in the following announcement: Launching sorting within Sections! :partying_face:

I hope you all enjoy it! Have a great day and stay safe! :pray:t5:

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