Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

There is already a popular request, you should consider joining Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example)

Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example). It would also be nice to be able to search across multiple projects for tasks assigned to an individual

When in My Tasks view, I love that I can sort by Due Date. But, within each Due Date, I might have 30 tasks due in one day, on several different projects. It would extremely helpful if Asana would sort by Due Date, and then also batch together tasks for a certain project due on that same due date. This would really help me work smoothly through my tasks without doing task-switching all day, because I could focus on multiple items for one project at a time.


I suggest you join the voices on Sort and filter project by multiple fields (Due date and assignee for example) because I think your request falls onto the multiple sort.

Adding my vote/voice in favor of this. We have several different stages of progress that we use the Status column for - Not yet started, in progress, under review, approved and in production, produced and ready for launch, & launched.

I would often like to be able to use the filter to, for instance, show me only tasks that are not yet started, in progress, under review, or in production, but hide everything that is produced and launched. We don’t like to move completed tasks to a new section because we use sections to group similar work products - for instance a section for all the landing pages associated with a campaign, one for advertising assets, one for emails, one where reference materials and reports are posted, etc.

For the purpose of increasing visibility of where things stand to everyone on the team who isn’t involved in creating a given work product, we want those folks to be able to find all landing pages, or see at a glance all emails that have been or will be sent during the campaign, all in one section. But for the purpose of streamlining task management for the people actually working on the products, it would be nice to have a simple toggle that could get rid of the visual clutter of all the work that’s already been completed.

Need this too thanks

It would be really neat to have this feature

@Asana, what’s the status on this feature? We have a lot of team members that would benefit from being able to prioritize by sorting due date and then priority to narrow in on their tasks for the day. Any update would be appreciated! :grinning:

Agree. Pls make this feature work.

Chiming in here —is this feature on the roadmap at all? Is there any sort of timeline for getting this off the ground? Looking through this thread, I haven’t seen any update from Asana in nearly a year and users have been requesting this feature for more than 4 years at this point.

Multiple sorts/filters would allow users to make projects and My Tasks much more organized, and is something that many of us agree is critical to an effective task management tool. Asana, please let us know if this will be happening anytime soon!