Sort alphabetically on linked projects field column

I would like to sort linked projects field column. Is there a possibility to do this or make a workaround?

Since I have a project where I collect all overdue tasks from other projects with sometimes multiple tasks per project I would like to sort. Else the tasks will be mixed.

Hello @Tobias_Blaauw welcome to the Asana Community Forum :partying_face:

Regarding sorting do you refer to task sorting within a project?

If so then you have various sorting options such as due date, assignee, alphabetical, etc
And the ones starting from “Country” are custom fields I added to this project so you can sort via those as well.


For more info on sorting you can also have a look here: Sort by Due Date - ascending or descending option - #36 by Andrea_Mayer

Does that help? Or is there anything else you would like to sort?

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@Andrea_Mayer Thank you for your quick reply. I mean sorting on linked tasks from other projects, like this:


Hey @Tobias_Blaauw, I see.
In that case I think that reports and advanced search reports can help you.

You can for example set up a graph under reports that shows either teams, specific projects, etc
and then you can select there what information you would like to display.
Once the graph is ready you can then click on the bars in the graph to see the relevant data.

Here are 2 short videos to show what I am referring to

Asana reporting 1
Asana reporting 2

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