Sort advanced search results by custom field

Sort advanced search results by custom field. I don’t see that functionality. Am I alone?

Note that I know how to get custom fields to show in the results - just can’t sort by them.

Facing the same issue, I don’t think there’s any way to sort by any custom field in advanced search. I’m not able to sort by pre-defined fields such as Priority or Effort.

There is not a way to sort by a custom field in a search as that search is pulling data from multiple projects that might not have that custom field. However you can use the advanced search to only find ones marked with a single select option such as High Priority tasks.

Thanks, Danielle. Doesn’t seem like that should be a show-stopper, though . . . it can display the custom field, so seems like it should be able to sort by it. And . . . Wrike has that capability . . . many years ago.


I agree this would be useful.