"Sorry, Asana can't do that at present" is too commonly the response to questions about automation and defeats the purpose of saving time for our team, are there better alternatives?

Why has there not been an update to provide automation capabilities for simple actions such as duplicating a task, or creating a section, or converting to a subtask. All these features are possible manually, but not as automation features, which defeats the purpose of our team purchasing Asana in the first place as we had intended to reduce the amount of manual work in our process, yet I run into “At present, Asana isn’t capable of…” every time I search to see if Asana can do something.

Why are there no updates? Most of the original posts are from over two years ago, and no fixes have been made, is anyone working to rectify these problems or did the company decide to rely on third-party integration apps instead? My experience with Zapier proved fruitless and unfortunately, my company decided it is not going to continue vetting each extension for security purposes so we can’t go on this way, are there any Asana alternatives that provide all the automation features within a single application?


Usually users find that this is covered by creating templates with tasks/sections that you want to repeat through different projects for automating the task and section creations. We do have a rule that allows for a task to converted to a project, or for subtasks to be created off a task in Rules- what is the instance that you’re wanting to automate conversion into a subtask?

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There are many updates! (Including many to automation.) You can learn about them here:

But Asana is a vast product and many areas to update, so invariably we don’t always see the updates made that want as quickly as we want them.

If you haven’t seen flowsana.net you should check that out because it’s the primary Asana-focused automation third-party app, and the very-active-here @Phil_Seeman offers great support and is worth a vetting by your organization.



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Hello Mel and Larry,

I’m not really sure how to interpret the first workaround provided above; I need to trigger a new section being created with the same title as the task - and then to generate specific pre-set tasks under that section depending on custom fields that are set in the original task. There are no templates for new sections so this is not possible to automate.

I tried the Flowsana free trial and it did not provide any additional capabilities. I’m not sure if the full trial will unlock more tools but my management is not keen on purchasing another product given our experience thus far.

I also think the user asking the question on the forum should choose if the topic has been resolved, rather than an Asana partner marking it as such while I still cannot move forward building my projects in Asana.

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FYI the Flowsana free trial is the full product, it’s not limited in any way. (While I’m biased as the author of Flowsana, I can promise you it does have lots of additional capabilities above out-of-the-box Asana; it just may be that none of them are currently useful to you, which may well be the case!)