some suggestions

1.I need to be reminded at the beginning of a task, and now it only notifies me when a task is due.Am I not using it correctly?

2.For repeat tasks, if I forget to tick a box one day or don’t have time to pay attention to it, it will stop working and never notify me again.That doesn’t make sense.

3.When repeated tasks refresh, the “section” I added is invalid and new tasks always appear in “New tasks”.

4.Subtask:No matter how I set the time, it doesn’t remind me.

5.There are no options for the reminder times of tasks, I need more custom reminder times.

:point_up_2:These are the problems I have encountered. Hope asana can be more perfect.


On the forum we suggest you split each suggestion into a separate topic, so that Asana and others can react separately. And make sure to search the existing threads first :slight_smile:


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