Solution to move completed tasks in My Tasks 2.0 (looking for a tool, not manual)

Hi forum folks,

Wondering if anyone has come up with a solution or tool for moving previously completed tasks out of their original section. I just went to look for a task and had 1000+ completed tasks in my “Recently Assigned” section alone (so many that I got tired of scrolling and didn’t even want to think about manually moving them).

I know you can select all and use Ctrl + up/down arrows to move 50+ at a time but even that didn’t sound appealing for the many sections I have. I’ve set up a rule so tasks marked as completed going forward will be moved to a “Done” section, but was wondering if anyone has thought of developing a tool (or has) that can move all completed tasks at once?

@Bastien_Siebman @Phil_Seeman @lpb thought of you guys and wondered if y’all have seen anything?

(I did some thorough research and reading on the new My Tasks on Tuesday right when I was updated, but have yet to see a tool mentioned. If I missed a previous post, please merge.)

@Bastien_Siebman sounds to me like maybe a good addition to your minimalist-work toolkit??


@Chandler_Ferguson, Sorry, no automated solution here to offer, and I agree with @Phil_Seeman about seeing how @Bastien_Siebman feels about creating another tool.

FWIW, and manual, but FYI: The section mover actually permits > 50 task selections so if you want to move them to another section you can. Like you, I too was left with no solution in Asana for all my completed tasks in My Tasks. What I did was create a couple of “holding” sections, dragged those below my last “real” section so effectively I never actually see them, collapsed them, then en mass section-moved all those tasks in sections I use daily into those holding sections and never look at them again. Fortunately, I’m able to live with myself with the knowledge that these sections exist and are “messy;” I know many in the Forum would find it challenging to not have this more cleanly addressed!

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Why would someone show completed tasks inside My Tasks? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Not showing them; just keeping them in the right sections, hidden.

Ok. I don’t plan on creating such a tool as the demand seems really low.

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