Slowly assign tasks to your guests

When you decide to collaborate with your clients directly inside Asana, just be careful when using templates. The temptation is to assign the client on all the tasks they will need to work on, even the ones 3 months from now.

:exploding_head: That will surely overwhelm them, and I suggest a different approach, at least for new clients: assign them on tasks on the day they are supposed to do them. That way, the email notification they receive is always about something they need to do right away.

Yes, that will require someone from your team does the assignment manually, but I believe it is worth it!

What do you think?


Definitely a slow rollout approach is best, especially when people are new to the software. Asana is intuitive so there are many ways to be notified which is great, but also can be frustrating and overwhelming for new users.

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That is a great idea for a feature, methinks. The ability to assign someone on a specific date or timeframe.



What do you mean? Assign all tasks that are within a timeframe?

@Bastien_Siebman I think what she means is a sort of “delayed delivery” assignment, so one could set it up in advance, but the notification would go out at a pre-chosen time such as you suggest, the day of.

Oh understood thanks for clarifying. It does not exist (and personally believe it never will, but that’s just me)