Assigning Tasks & Reminders

I am relatively new to Asana but love how easy it is to use. I am an advocate in my organization pushing several team members to use for tracking of projects. If there is a training that you are aware of, please send them my way.

One thing I am unsure of and have not been able to locate in training is when a task is assigned and what I think happens. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. When I assign a task does the owner have to be part of the overall project or can I assign tasks to other team members if they have one item to complete? I think you can.
    Also, what if I assign a task to someone will they always get notified via company email or only if they are set up like that in notifications? This I am not sure about.

  2. When a task is assigned with a due date, does Asana send regular reminders on the task? If so in what cadence do those go out? I could not find anything on that.

I apologize if this is not the forum to ask this question, but any information is greatly appreciated.



Yes you can.

By défaut you will receive an email but you can change that in the profil parameters.

You can set up rules in MyTasks depending on the date. If Premium rules can move task when the date is approaching. If Business, rules can do a lot more and post comments for example.


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