Is there a way to "pre-schedule" an Asana task for someone else?

Is there a way to pre-schedule an Asana task for someone else, i.e., set-up a task that doesn’t release until a few days / hours later?

There are times I want to create a task for someone else on the team that doesn’t get published to them until later.

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Good question! Not sure where you would create these tasks until released (Public or Private project) but regardless you could try adding a People type custom field to essentially ‘tag’ your colleagues.

The good thing about using a people field is that it does not notify that person, so you won’t bug anyone until you actually assign them the task.

You can keep your People field private as long as it is in a private project and not added to the field library.

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Off the top of my head, I think you could assign a few rules based off of a due date?

My rough thoughts:

  • Make a private project
  • Make sections of the project with the persons name you want to assign it to
  • Create a rule for each section. On, or 5 days before the due date, however you choose to do it, the task triggers and the action is to assign to X.

If you choose the due date, you can simply communicate in the task when it’s due and instruct the assignee to change the date. Maybe the first line for the details on the task says “Due: MM/DD/YYYY, please update this tasks due date”


That is a FABULOUS idea. Perfect!

Thank you responding so very quickly - and if you have the ears of anyone at Asana, I’d love to see the option to pre-schedule tasks for teammates/others. Or, if you know of where I could send such a suggestion, I’m happy to do that myself. :grinning:

Have a great day!

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Thank you - I love this idea, too! I appreciate the super-fast response, too - have a wonderful day :grinning:

Glad to help @Debra_Hart !

I actually don’t work for Asana, I’m an Asana Solutions Partner, and like others in the forum, I consult, train and onboard companies to make the most out of Asana and get them up and running faster!

Your best bet would be to post your suggestion in the #forum-en:product-feedback section in the forum, but best to always search in case someone has already posted a similar suggestion to yours :wink:

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You’re welcome! I use something very similar for 1:1’s where I do not want to assign a task until after talking to them (well the more complicated tasks).

Have a great weekend! :slight_smile: :grinning:


Thank you again for being so helpful! x

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