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In rules involving Slack @ mentions, the mentions must be lowercase even if the user’s slack handle is not. In my case, the rule pushed it through as plain text instead of @ mentioning the person because her handle was @ Annabel

Steps to reproduce:
Create a rule that pushes to a Slack channel and @ mention people. One @ mention should start with a capital letter – Asana will not recognize that capitalized user when the rule is executed.

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Hi @Cara_Saxton, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Can you confirm if the @mention works with @annabel is tagged in lowercase?

Yes - when I altered the rule to make the handle lowercase, it did successfully @ mention when it reached slack.

Thanks for confirming @Cara_Saxton! @ mentions are case sensitive so my suggestion would be to continue @ mentioning in the lower-case :+1:t2:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Assuming you mean they are case sensitive on the Asana side?

This user’s Slack handle, for example, is @Annabel (capital A) – that’s what I had entered in the Asana rule to push to Slack, but Asana didn’t recognize that as her handle. Seems Asana needed it to be all lowercase (which does not match the user’s Slack handle) to push the mention. Slack is not case sensitive so far as I can tell – it autocorrects to capitalize this handle to match the user’s profile.

Some user feedback: it’s a bit counterintuitive that when creating the text part of a slack message rule, you shouldn’t enter the handles the way Slack shows them.

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