Slack Integration Feature Requests



For the Slack integration, in addition to being able to assign a task to a specific project, I would also like to be able to place it within the correct Section or Column within that project.

Furthermore, if comments are added to the task in Asana, I would like for those comments to be sent to the Slack channel where the task was created (or possibly other channels where it might also be followed). And then to fully close the loop, comments on that task in Slack should likewise be copied back into Asana.

Improvements to Asana/Slack Integration

As we use Asana and Slack to help manage our cross-team work, we have found the Asana/Slack integration to not be useful, because it posts too many updates to the slack channel. Here are our 2 use cases, which will explain why we can’t adjust project notifications in order to limit the slack integration:

  1. Notifications in Asana (the majority of notifications):
    When it comes to actually managing a project in Asana, we absolutely need due date, subtask, completion, creation and all other notifications.

  2. Notifications sent through slack (a subset of the notifications):
    We want to be able to automatically disseminate information about the project via slack between teams (e.g. this task is completed), but we don’t want to inundate each other with the minor details and changes that happen as we manage our work.