Slack: Create custom notifications per project

Currently I have linked Asana with Slack. It’s great and these are the notifications which are highlighted by default:

  1. Mark Complete
  2. Like this task
  3. Change assignee
  4. Change due date
  5. Add to project

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to get notification only for ‘Mark complete’ and turn off other notifications?
  2. Can we configure these notifications for each project (for example, for Project#1 I want ‘Mark Complete’ and ‘Change due date’, for project#2 I want ‘Like this task’ and ‘Change Assignee’)?

Hi @Srihari, thanks for reaching out!

It’s currently not possible to customize which type of notifications you want to receive for different projects in Slack. I’ve gone ahead and moved your thread to the #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote for this feature. I hope you don’t mind!

You can find more details about the Slack integration in this article. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey Emily,
Thanks a bunch for the response. I had asked 2 questions and I have received the response for one of them:

  1. Currently the default notifications that we received are about:
    Mark complete
    Like this task
    Change assignee
    Change due date
    Add to project
    Can we configure in a way to receive only ‘Mark complete’ notification for all projects?

  2. Can we customize notification types for different projects in Slack - this is already answered by you

It would be great if I can get response for the first question as well

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Thanks for getting back to me @Srihari! It’s currently not possible to receive only ‘Mark complete’ notification for all projects in Slack. If you enable personal notifications in Slack, you will receive notifications for all actions you mentioned above by default.

@Emily_Roman Thanks for replying - would have been nice to have this feature.

It would be really great to have some customize notification when it comes to the slack integration. I have installed the integration a couple times and ended up turning it off as I was just being spammed with notifcation that I didnt need and found it very overwhelming. I would like to be able to integrate a single project to a channel and then just have notification when something has been completed or dates have changed as a way to notify a group of people. For now I just post the channel that this change has been done and post link to the project.

@Andrea_Richards I have the same situation at my end - my slack channels getting filled up with so many notifications. In fact I too want just the ‘Mark task complete’ notification to be notified on Slack. I have around 35 projects and use Asana on a daily basis with my team working on at least 10 of them. Hence I too did the same thing as you did - unlinking the projects on need basis.

Hope Asana team can figure out a way. It should not be that hard. When we are linking the projects to Slack, just give an option of which notifications do we want and we check the the notifications that are needed for us. So we have the flexibility of choosing which notifications are appropriate for us based on our usage .

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I came here looking for solutions to the Asana notification clutter but it seems there’s no solution. We are considering switching off the notification links until there is a solution for this.

Better yet would be a way to selectively push comments/updates from Asana to Slack manually (eg. if I add a comment on Asana there would be an option to ‘send update to slack’ or similar).