Change notification types in Slack?

Well hi.

I’d like to inquire to find out if there is a way to edit the types of Notifications in Slack. Specifically, I only want a Notificatoin in Slack letting the channel know I ASSIGNED a task, not that I CREATED and ASSIGNED.

See screenshot to see exactly what I’m talking about.


Hi @Ash_Klein and thank you so much for reaching out on the Forum!

As it stands it is not possible to personalise notifications you wish to receive in Slack, but that is certainly a good feedback for future updates! I’ll make sure to loop you in if this is included in the next integration update! Have a great day :slight_smile:


We’d also like this functionality.

We only want notifications for newly created tasks, not on every change to a task.

As is the integration is responsible for quite a bit of noise in our channel and we decided to disable it because of it.


We would also like this functionality! Very disruptive to have so many asana slack notifications every time a change is made on a project

+1 for this. every task is basically posted in triplicate (task created, task assigned, due date set)

Same here! I have never successfully used the Asana for Slack integration because every time I try I’m blasted by redundant notifications and have to disable it again pretty much immediately.

The type of project which users will want to link to a messaging app like Slack will likely be updated pretty regularly, so burying a linked chat in notifications seems contrary to the design of the integration in the first place