Slack command errors

Hello there,

I am unable to actually use any of the /asana commands. Under my “more actions…” I can select to create a task, but I cannot actually use the /asana command functions at all.

I am receiving the following error message '/asana failed with the error "no_permissions"’. Is this issue something that needs to be enabled by the admin?

Hi @Hannah_Yu,

If you were able to install the integration, it means your Slack Admin has approved it. I’m not sure if approval is needed for the use of commands.

  1. Is this happening with all tupe of commands? If not what command is causing this error message?
  2. Could you possibly share a screenshot?

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the response. This is the error message I am receiving when I try the commands in my organization’s workspace channel.

When I try the commands in a personal workspace channel, commands work perfectly.

And yes, this issue is happening with all Asana commands.

Thanks @Hannah_Yu.

Can you try to de-authorise and re-authorise the integration from your Profile settings and let me know if that helps?