Notifications will not turn off in slack

Hi, I have an issue with my asana integration with slack. I am receiving notifications for all the issues assigned to me an also not assigned to me… Its poping all day with notifications. I have turned the notifications off from the asan/settings in slack but there is still no change. I don’t want to receive any notifications in slack when i or someone else is assigned a task. Please help!!!

Hi @Maria6 and welcome to the Forum! Let’ see if we can resolve that together.

Could you try to deauthorize /reauthorize the app within Slack following these steps:

  1. Use the “/asana settings” command
  2. Select “Deauthorize” under Deauthorize your Asana account
  3. You can then reauthorize it following this process Slack + Asana • Asana Product Guide

Does that help?

I did what you said but now I have a different problem. I am using asana with two different companies and two different emails. For some reason when i re authorized asana it used my other company’s domain instead of the one that is supposed to be connected with slack. I tried to change it with the settings but it won’t find the primary one because its under a different email.

Ok. I solved my issue with the linked domains by redoing the procedure from my computer… So I think it worked. I am not notified with new task. But I can’t see them in the asana slack either. I am guessing that is normal since i haven’t turned on the notifications…

Well played @Maria6 and thanks for keeping me posted!

And Yes, you would need to enable notifications in Slack to be notified when new tasks are created!