Asana notifications aren't showing up on slack for anyone

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: Asana notifications aren’t showing up on slack for anyone

Steps to reproduce: Task either assigned or followed - receiving notifications for none. It was working properly till a few days back.

Yes it has been reported there as well as on the Community Slack. @Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath any insight? thanks

We are not receiving any more notifications on slack for even the tasks assigned or followed. Is there any other app that can help us with this?
We wanted to create subtasks once the task is marked complete but are using the premium version right now and will be sticking with that. Any workaround for this or an app that can help with automation?

There was someone on our Community Slack that complained about the same thing. Did it work before? Maybe there are some issues today.

Hi folks, thanks for flagging this!

To rule out some causes, could you please uninstall and reinstall the integration? If this does not resolve the issue, I’ll escalate this to our Product team :slight_smile:

Hi, @Rebecca_McGrath reinstalling the integration helped with one workspace only. Would be best if the product team can have a quick look as well.
It used to work fine before.

If that helps, there were several reports of the same bug on that day.

Jumping in to share that it’s working fine now

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Hi all, this seems to be resolved now. Please let me know if you’re still running into issues and we can look into this further :slight_smile:

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