🦸 Situational Awareness can be a Superpower in Asana (Know how a project is sorted/filtered first!)

This quick tip is inspired by the 20/20 vision of @Emily_Roman demonstrated in this post: I have a user that is missing the "Add Task" button in My Tasks - #4 by Emily_Roman - see notices that the “Add Task” button isn’t present when filtered by completed tasks… WHO KNEW?!?

Many users prefer to take advantage of the ability to Save as default View yet because this changes the view for EVERYONE it may sometimes lead people to believe information is missing or a bug is present. Take a moment to assess how a project is currently laid out so you can always find what you are looking for.

You don’t think demonstrating situational awareness can be a superpower? Jason Bourne might think differently. :wink:


Great tip, @Jerod_Hillard! :star: completely agree with you! It’s always helpful to check if the list is sorted and if the view is saved as default.

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LOL at Jason Bourne :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Good one, when looking at a project you need to look at the surrounding, including filter and sort, good call.