Siri not creating tasks with “in asana” catch phrase.

Hi and thanks for your support. I’m having trouble getting Siri integration to work in order to create a task. I’ve read about a multitude of links from a google search and I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled, and verified that asana is enabled for Siri in settings.

Unfortunately, whenever I try

  • “create a task in asana”
  • “create a task in asana, pay the bills”
  • “in asana, tell me to put the kids to bed”
  • “add an item in asana, pay the bills”

All that happens is that iOS creates a task in reminders or asks me what I’d like to be reminded about and then creates it in reminders. How do I get Siri to assign tasks to asana? Is there a particular catch phrase I’m missing? Any help someone can provide would be appreciated. I’d love to be able to generate content on the fly.


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