Showing weekends as default in project calendar view

Hi Emily,

You posted a product update in 2021 allowing users to ‘show weekends’ on their calendar view, and then save this as their default.

For some reason, this update does not apply to me. I still have to ‘show weekends’ every time I open a project- note that calendar view is already my default.

This is an issue for me as most of the events I organise are on weekends and it’s frustrating to not be able to see them directly on clicking on the project in question.

Could you advise? I’m based in Canada, if that makes any difference.


Welcome, @Mays1,

After you show weekends, you should see this blue dot:


When you click it, it will permanently save the setting.

Have you tried that yet?



Wonderful, I found it and it works.

Thank you so much for being so quick to respond!


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