Show Tags on Mobile

I noticed that the asana version for smartphone does not show the tags in the Mytask section. because ?

it would be super helpful to be able to see the tag for the task on the mobile versions. maybe under the task name? I have team members who I assign tasks to that get overwhelmed beaches its difficult for them to see the different tags that they have for the different jobs that this puts them under. Hopefully a suggestion. great otherwise all around


Thanks for the feedback @Keith_Roelfsema, just merging your post with Show Tags on Mobile to gather all feedback on the same thread!


This would be really nice.

I am using a wall mounted tablet as my asana task list, and I would like it to have same features as a desktop. Why this isn’t the case?

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I need this creature as well. Just got an iPad & plan to use it for Asana while I work & it’s almost pointless without the tabs.

I need this feature as well. Just got an iPad & plan to use it for Asana while I work & it’s almost pointless without the tabs.

It would be very helpful to be able to view tags on mobile devices. How do pple view context-specific tasks altogether without this feature?

Please add this feature.

Plus one for this. We use tags so we know which project a subtask belongs to, because we often have subtasks with the same name in different projects. It works great on desktops, but on a mobile it involves navigating back and forth to find the right one.

Please make this happen! I feel like this is a basic feature that I absolutely need available on mobile!

Hi, pls can we make this feature for the mobile apps asap. As the previous commenter, Sydney, said it should be a basic feature! Thanks!

Yes, this is so important to be able to see tags otherwise they become almost pointless to use them

Yes please. Needed.

How is this still not a feature in the iPhone app???

Also throwing my desire for this into the pot. Would be great to have it mirror my desktop setup. Thank you!

In Android app I don’t see the option to show Tags field in List view. Is it possible to add it? I can show/hide Custom Fields, but can’t show Tags Field.

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Is this a difficult feature to add? It seems like low hanging fruit that would please a lot of people. There is plenty of room to add tags to the table view on mobile, especially the ipad. The lack of this feature severely limits the mobile possibilities for this app.

This would be clutch. Please add a way to filter or sort using the Tags!

Any updates and displaying Tags on mobile app? Any timeline for this? Thanks.