Show subtasks in Calendar


In order to correctly plan long term tasks, and ensure your team are not overworked, it is useful to see all tasks - including subtasks - in the Calendar. This is currently not possible.

Please add an option to show all subtasks in the Calendar.


Hey @Adam_Fowler,

Thanks for the feedback. Definitely understand the frustration here.

Though not obvious, it is possible to view subtasks in a calendar view. You’ll need to do this through advanced search, though.

Click into the search bar > select advanced search > type in the name of your project > click add filter > select subtasks > search > favorite and rename the search so that it appears in your left hand sidebar.

Hope this helps!


Hi there, is there any update on that front? Thanks.


Agreed! This would add a level of transparency that would make our process so much smoother. It would also make the tool more robust to use. Will a subtask calendar function be available anytime soon?


Any updates on the issue?
In particular, it would be useful to visualize the subtasks in the timeline in order to link the dependencies (as it is for the tasks).


Thanks Nicola, I followed your advice, and I am just stuck at the point of trying to favorite a search… how do I do that? Hope you can help


OK, I have worked it out I think. I think Asana uses “reports” now. So I save the search as a report… and the reports are listed in the sidebar