Show sub-tasks under Timeline view?

It appears that only Sections and Tasks appear in the Timeline and Sub-tasks do not even if they have deadlines associated with them. Is there a way to display sub-tasks in the Timeline view? Thanks!

Subtasks are not part of the project so they don’t show up. Have a look at 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds for workaround and a link to the feature request! (this is F3 in this other post)

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Thank you.

Hello @Bastien_Siebman ,
What do you mean exactly with “subtasks are not part of the project so they don’t show up”?
I’m using the Timeline view which is an great feature for us to organise timeline updates but this lack of connection with sub-tasks just appeared to us.
We worked hard on create a solid dependency system incorporating sub-tasks in the workflow and now it seems these aren’t fully integrated with this add-on.
Is there anyway to tackle this to have a better update of our projects?

You have a look at F2 and F3 on 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

You can also read 📘 The tale of Jerod the unwise in the subtask maze

Putting subtasks at the center of your workflows was probably not the greatest idea in the first place because of those limitations :confused:

Hi @Bastien_Siebman,
Fortunately sub-tasks are not at the center of all our workflow, but certain departments are using it more heavily to avoid a collection of 50 tasks within a section. We will have to think again how to better divide these tasks containing too many sub-tasks.
The limits of sub-tasks was not mentioned during the initial setup. This should definitely be emphased during on-boarding trainings from certified consultants.
Merci pour les réponses rapides!

Why would that be a problem? (I am challenging, not judging :stuck_out_tongue: )

A task with 50 subtasks , well, sometimes that is just a project :sweat_smile: don’t be afraid to have many projects. However be afraid to have ton of work hidden in subtasks :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you work with an Asana Certified Pro? Everyone has a different position on subtasks but any good consultant should be able to warn you about potential problems with subtasks.

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A section of 50 tasks would be basically a project in itself! The timeline view would be much more challenging to picture all the dependencies to my opinion. My challenge is to keep linked blocks together without creating too much tasks (see below example Marketing)

Correct, reason why I will work on limiting the number of sub-tasks to 5 to have clearer view. We want to keep all the assignements of 1 department together (e.g. Marketing department tasks all together with section for SEO/SEM/Google…)

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