Show projects with tasks on mobile?

Hi there, I’ve been using Asana for a while now and find it useful in some ways and also very dis-organizing in others. For example, I work with 2 other team members and often assign them sub-tasks to a project task. But when they go to their “my tasks” it just shows this LONG jumbled list that you can prioritize by due date, but it isn’t helpful because you can’t see which project it’s a part of unless you sort by “project” and even then it’s a little visually intimidating. On mobile, there is absolutely no project indicator, it just shows the running list and due date. Am I missing something? Is there a better program that is more organized in this way? Thanks!


This is a very well know situation. Subtasks don’t belong to their parent task project. It has been discussed at length, we don’t if Asana will “fix” the situation or not :person_shrugging:

A “better” way: not use subtasks if you can, create sections to organise tasks related, use dependencies…

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Hey @Avi_Loren_Fox,

100% agree with Bastien. In general I believe that less sub-tasks is always better. You have those options he mentioned which work great (if not better depending on the workflow).

I see also how sometimes sub-tasks are critical to a specific workflow. If you necessarily need sub-tasks and need that type of visibility under My Tasks for your colleagues, an option you can consider is to add the sub-tasks to the Project. Like this your colleagues will see the Project under My Tasks as expected. The task name will still be longer, cause it will still show the parent task, but now they’ll be able to identify the project they belong to.

As you would expect those sub-tasks will also show up in the project you’ve added them, to keep visual clarity in the project view, you can consider either sorting them in the order that makes most sense to you, maybe right below the parent, or “hiding” them in a dedicated Section (called “Subtasks”?) which you can also keep collapsed, you can use the Save layout as default feature to keep the Section collapsed next time you get into the project.

:bulb: Tips:

1) In general when you have many sub-tasks to assign to a project, the most efficient way to add them to the project that I know of is to:

1. Assign the sub-tasks to yourself → 2. go to My Tasks view and using multi-select add them all to the project you desire → 3. assign them now to your colleagues.

It’ll take you way less clicks (time :slight_smile: ) compared to getting into each sub-task → assigning the project → going back to the parent → getting in the next sub-task → assign the project and repeat for X times until you’ve gone through all of the sub-tasks…

2) When you are in a sub-task, you do not see the option add to Project under the Due Date. That’s by design. You should either hit TAB + P or use the … menu in the sub-task to add it to the project.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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