Show only incomplete tasks that are subtask of complete milestone

In a larger project we organized tasks for site-migration as subtasks of a site-milestone.
A lot site-migrations are done already but some subordinated tasks are still open and will be for a longer time.
We have to set the milestone to “done” because managers monitor the milestones.
On the other hand we need to monitor these open tasks in our team.
Does anybody have an idea for a view or filter to archive that?

You can’t search for “subtasks of a milestone”, this “relationship” is not an existing search criteria (yet?)

I believe your setup is not ideal, you should consider promoting the subtasks to being tasks. Right now you are hiding tasks in subtasks, and that could cause problems down the road.

Thanks for your fast and profound answer. We had it first in that way: Tasks with dependencys and a Milestone “at the end”. Managers where not happy with that, they want to see only the milestones.
The other way around, which I would have preferred would have bee a filter or view which only displays the milestones.

Let them have a look at the Overview tab then, the milestones are there. :slight_smile:

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