Show Goals and SubGoals on Goals page

Hi, I have just started a Business trial because I think we can benefit from the Goals and Portfolios functions.

However, on the Goals page I would like to see our Goals with nested Sub Goals on one page, so that I don’t have to click into each to see a complete overview of our goal progress. I would like to use this with our team and our board to track progress.

But it looks like I have to click into each Goal before viewing the Sub Goals, AND I also cannot export the goals so that I can present it in better formats.

If that is the case, then I might be better off using an OKR project template (where I can view it any way I like, and export the content)?

If so, the Business subscription is possibly not worth our while?

Am I doing it wrong, or are these things not possible on the Goals page?

I just tried to see if I can play around with linking to parent goals - i.e. I tried to create a new goal on the top level, and then linked it to a parent goal. But that caused the goal to disappear and become nested under the parent goal - which meant I lost sight of it on the main page.

To make matters worse… when I then unlinked that goal from the parent goal, it DISAPPEARED!

I don’t think this Goals functionality is fully developed as yet. I am going to use an OKR template until this can do what I want it to do (if ever).

Hi @Daneel_Jordaan, great question!

Currently, sub-goals will only show once a Goal is expanded. I’ve gone ahead and moved you post to the #productfeedback thread to give you and other Community members the option to vote for this feature.

I’ll keep you posted if our Product team makes any updates here! :slight_smile:


Hi @Daneel_Jordaan, we just began to roll out a new supercharged List View for Goals! With the new tabbed List View you can now quickly navigate between company and team goals to see relevant views of goals and their status at a glance.

See more details in our announcement:

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