Shortcut to switch team member filters

Is there a shortcut or possibilities to very quickly switch between your team members if you are on the kanban task board.

Would be super helpful to just go through your team members and see the all tasks instead of using the filter, typing in the name and select it. If you have 10+ members it is quite inefficient.

Any advice?


There is no shortcut for this.

Any ideas for work arounds?

Hello @Sub_Zer0,

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A workaround you can use, if you are on a Mac, is creating a simple macro with Keyboard Maestro. It is worth mentioning that this is a paid third-party application and not a native Asana solution.

In this example, I use the shortcut ALT + CMD + A* to have the system click first on the “Filter” option and then on the “Custom filter” option. Then I can start typing, all of this without taking off my hands from the keyboard. The click happening in the GIF is triggered by the shortcut above which I assigned to the macro in Keyboard Maestro.

2022-08-18 Screenshot 000241

This is what the macro looks like; it’s just two simple actions (clicks) and a pause in between.

Once you have already filtered by an assignee, it gets even easier cause you need just one click in the right section and then you can start typing.
2022-08-18 Screenshot 000242

The correspondent macro looks like this, just one step, the click in the right area of the screen.

This is a quick and dirty solution, but if you are on a Mac, it is something that it is pretty quick to pull off. If you are on Windows, I am unaware of similar automation tools, but you can try to Google to see if there is anything similar.


*My screen capturing software is not showing the last key I hit, don’t get fooled by that. In the screenshots, you can see I have assigned to the Macro 1 ALT+CMD+A and to Macro 2 ALT+CMD+B.

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Very helpful

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Thanks a lot, great work around solution

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Glad it helped @Sub_Zer0 :hugs: