Shortcut ":" for a new section is gone

Unfortunately the great shortcut for new section with “:” at the end isn’t possible anymore. Why it was changed to the new one. The old one was so fast and comfortable? Hope to get it back if we have users which are also still looking for this shortcut and love it.

Hi @Markus2 :wave:t3:

We have recently replaced the “:” shortcut with “TAB+N”; have a look at this post for more info!


Hi @Marie,

thank you very much for your quick reply and link.

Now i understand that the shortcut had to be done cause of the “Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)”. That sounds awesome cause i also looking forward to this feature.

Thank you and this topic can be closed or marked as done. :wink:

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My team actually cheered when I just told them this was available again. Thank you!!!

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And where is the solution for my iPhone

How can this be considered a product feed-back when it was working this morning and you turn the fonction down.
You don’t understand how can this mess our work process.

I agree with Markus – why not keep the old behavior in addition to the new one? This is the first design decision that has disrupted my workflow in all my years of using Asana.

Also, on the subject of fine-tuning the new behavior – I would like it to create the new section wherever the cursor is, rather than at the end of the current section.


I just saw the post on this topic, but my downvote remains. I can’t imagine it’s impossible to find another keyboard shortcut to switch from list to board view.