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Hi everyone. I’m very new to Asana and just orientating myself still. I manage a team of 3 remote workers and we’ve been using Trello in our marketing function. Given the specific challenges of our work, Trello has not been a great fit, which is why I’m now reviewing Asana on recommendation.

One key thing we do currently is have colleagues fill in creative briefs via a contextual form, which lives on our Confluence page. We currently use a bit of middleware (BlueCatForms) that then populates all of this information onto a Trello card, which I then take management of.

Does Asana have similar functionality built in or is there a popular workflow using third party software?

To give an examples, someone might request an animation from team, currently the form will ask contextualized questions based on their request like how long will the animation be, art style required, key messaging, scripting support, aspirational completion date etc…

Thanks, Matt.

Each project in Asana can have an Asana form (see Customised menu) and thanks to Branches (available with the Business tier) you can ask conditional questions.
Does it help?

Thank you for the quick response - are these able to be added to a webpage? My main point is that I’d need to be able to house the briefing form somewhere that would sit outside of Asana - such as a webpage or Confluence page - this is because not everyone in the organization will have access to Asana. They just need a quick and easy way of making a request and for us to be alerted of everything they need.

Yes, Forms can be embedded on a webpage.

Having created my first form - I had a few other questions.

  1. Is it possible that each requested job/form submission could be given a unique number or tracking ID and if so can this be automated?

So something like [100123] - New social media graphic request

  1. Would it be possible to have Asana automatically create a Google Drive folder as one of my workflow steps?

  2. On my test workflow - I found the building of the form very easy but the workflow that underpins that a bit more tricky. I ideally want someone to fill in a form/make a submission and this then create a new self contained project. Am I missing something here because I can’t see that as an option?

  3. Based on my form’s questions - can I create specific conditional tasks. I was thinking if someone was to request support for an event - could I have fields like budget amount, merchandise needed, accommodation required, leads list collected?

Thanks so much for the help to this point. It’s always a bit of a step into the unknown switching systems.

Hi @FilmGuyUK,

The answers to the above depend on your Asana subscription level; are you on Basic, Premium, Business, or Enterprise?

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