Sharing Calendar/Timelines With Stakeholders

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I’ve used Asana for a number of years at various content roles. The issue is always that not everyone in the company is bought into Asana as a project management tool. So as a content manager, I’m tasked with showcasing the content in calendar form to various stakeholders outside of the marketing team.

I’m curious how you socialize Asana calendars within your organization with a good level of detail? Stakeholders at my company need to see task info and due dates. I’m not necessarily looking for the right answer, just some ideas on how I can better showcase editorial calendar information to folks who refuse to climb aboard the Asana train.


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Couple of ideas:

  • use Asana2Go by @lpb to export a project and share with them
  • have someone build a custom dashboard (like me)
  • share the calendar link with them (without inviting them to Asana)

What do you mean by “task info”? Just the title? The notes? The comments?

@Julien_RENAUD @lpb any other idea?



I agree with @Bastien_Siebman’s suggestions.

For Asana2Go that can work well by starting with either a project or advanced search and then using one of the many formats, or create a custom one, to generate a PDF for the others.

If there was any way to convince the others to one time create an Asana login and then just go to one link you provide them, you could set up a single project (perhaps by multi-homing) with a default saved view most appropriate for the purpose.


@Bastien_Siebman - Asana2Go is pretty great, but I’m afraid leadership is married to a calendar view. Task info = Task title/Due Date.

How would I go about sharing the calendar without inviting them to Asana?


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If you go to the project menu > Export > Sync to calendar, that gives you a way to share the calendar with anyone even if they don’t have Asana.

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