Sharing all projects in a portfolio at once

I was wondering if there was,

  • A means to share multiple projects at once
    or, and preferably
  • A means to share all projects in a portfolio at once

This might just be an edge case, likely solvable by restructuring how our Asana Teams are laid out, but I also think the functionality could be useful if it doesn’t already exist.

Apologies if I missed a solution for this in my searches of the forum and thanks for suggestions or feedback!


When you say “share in a portfolio” you do talk about adding them right? If yes, that is not a native feature, but I created a tool for this.

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Hi Bastien,

Thanks for the link to the tool! This can solve for some aspects of my issue.

The main reason I was trying to find a solution for this was when I added someone from another team to my portfolio and realizing I then had to share all the projects in that portfolio with that person as well.

A native solution would also be amazing for this as most extensions are not allowed by my org.

I’ll continue to play around with this and the tool you linked.

Maybe your solution is to not have teams private (like you probably have) but have things more opened?