Share your Asana project template to help your team work remotely

Hi everybody! I hope everybody is safe.
We are very busy helping our customers with the work-from-home new challenges.
I invite you to share here templates of propose templates to e more efficient and show value of our skills-
I will post pictures of templates later on. For the moment we are using Asana to monitor the COVID19 challenges and also we are using Asana to monitor all activities of the employees at home.


Thank you SO much for creating this thread @Alger, I’m sure this will be helpful to many Community Members! I’ve slightly modified the title of this thread to make it a little more accurate and discoverable, i hope that’s ok with you!

On another note, have you checked out @Bastien_Siebman Coolest project award? Sounds like your project my be a good candidate :slight_smile:


So what information is important to catch.
day of the week
week goals

This way we can make reports of
Employee hours day, hours week
Project hours day, hours week
Weekly Goals achieved. We ask the employee to set 3 goals
Template to come…