Share My Tasks: should allow other member to see all tasks, including private

Wish when I share “My Tasks” with a teammate they could then see ALL tasks on that board, not just what is default visible to them. They can already find the tasks that I am assigned to that are visible to them by searching my name.
Would like to be able to grant additional access to select people - I.E. those working closely with, manager, etc.

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A good workaround is to use a rule on my Task sto add any task thats assigned to to you to an project that is also shared with that teammate. Its not the best solution but could work.

Hi @Kurt_Lesh , to add to @Paul_Grobler 's great workaround, you could also use 1:1 projects with your various members. Then in your My Tasks, you could have a custom field single-select dropdown of the names of the people you closely work with. Then setup a rule for each person, so that when their name is selected from the dropdown, the rule adds that task to the relevant 1:1 project that you share with them.

You can also have a look at this great article by @Mike_Tammaro :

You also have my vote though - sharing My tasks with someone should provide them with full access to private tasks, or at least have that option. I could see that being very useful for Personal / Virtual Assistants.

I couldn’t find an existing similar thread so I have edited the title of the post to make it easier to search for, hope you don’t mind!


Definitely the best workaround :+1: