Share Asana-driven Marketing Calendar with Rest of Company

Does anyone have a cost-effective and efficient solution for sharing your Asana-driven Marketing calendar with Sales and the rest of the company via web interface? We’ve heavily invested in Asana for managing Marketing projects, but need to share a calendar view of key events and milestones with Sales and the rest of the organization (e.g. blogging and social calendar, content deliverables, webinars and events) so they can see what’s happening at a high level and also drill down to see the abstract for a webinar or a blog post or get to a URL with more information. Asana can’t do this natively today. If we use Zapier to a Google calendar, my understanding is that the drilldown would not be possible. I’d love to know if someone has found a great solution to this.(e.g. 3rd party calendaring tool compatible w/ Asana). The problem is acute enough that we’d consider pulling Asana so we can get something else with an easily sharable calendar. Thanks!


The “rest of the company” does not have Asana licenses? Did you consider the read-only view? The “drill down” step might not be possible though.

Hello, that’s correct, the “rest of the company” does not have Asana licenses. We would not want them having to go into Asana - we’d want a Web interface to a visual calendar. Thanks!

Did you try it? To be honest you are trying to not get Asana seats for employees, so don’t expect Asana to help too much there :grimacing: