Setting Default Views


There needs to be more ways to save default views. For example, there are only 3 views that can be saved: List, Timeline, and Calendar. Which leaves out Conversation, and Progress (and even Files, though I’m not sure that would be needed as a view, but couldn’t hurt).

So I have a project that 95% of it will occur in the Conversation area, but it always defaults to one of the other views, and then I have to click on it again and again and again. It’s just annoying, especially when I’m jumping around projects.

And there should be a way to save things as an individual, not just “for everyone.” Like, that conversation view I mentioned above… to me, that would be an “everyone” setting. But the way task lists, timelines, and calendars show (though I don’t see any settings for calendars) should be on the individual basis.