Set up meetings in Asana and integrate it to iCal

Hello all,

I am new to Asana & would like to ask you all about how can I set up a meeting schedule within a project with exact time and location and then integrate it with iCal so it would show up there as well?

This seems like a pretty basic stuff but I couldn’t find a way to do it. What I already did was: I synched my Asana with my iCal, created a meeting ‘task’ and set the due date according to the meeting time, set the meeting ‘task’ the due time. But in my iCal, it shows only the task title and the due date, it doesn’t show the right due time (in Asana it’s 11 am, but in iCal it shows up 9am – don’t understand why).

Please help, thank you very much!

Hi :wave:,

Indeed due times don’t currently sync. There are existing threads on the community discussing this issue. Like Sync to Calendar Troubleshooting


Right… Thanks for the info!


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