Due Date for task Ical problem

Hi all,
I’ve created several tasks for my projects and assigned them to me and insert a due date also with hour.
In Asana Calendar the tasks display correctly.
I’ve syncronized my asana account with ICal and I see my tasks but they display in Ical not at the correct due time but like a all day task at the top of the calendar.
Why this?
I miss something?
Thanks a lot,


Hi Stefano. As you can see in the Asana Tip in the Asana / Apple calendar instructions here, once synced, you will see tasks with due dates from that project as all day events on your calendar. Timed Google and iCal Calendar events require a start and end time. Currently, Asana tasks allow for a due date and time but there wouldn’t be a way of setting a start time for any given event. As a result, Asana tasks sync over as all-day event.

We are considering allowing for start times down the road, and perhaps calendar sync will evolve when we do visit that feature. In the meantime, I’ll pass your feedback along to our product team!

If there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know!


Please add this! Even, just for now, default the duration to 15 min or 1 hr or some default and make the due time the start time so tasks with due times can show up at that time. This would also temporarily address most of the requests for notifications according to due times.


This is an important functionality when you also have meetings scheduled through Asana, please add this, can’t think it’s too complicated. Even a simple fix like the one @Adam_Milgrom suggested would be a vast improvement.

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@Stan_Borkowski (and others), if it helps, I created a work-around for myself, in the meantime. Using Zapier, I am syncing tasks from a dedicated Project called “Calendar Sync” that I created to a spreadsheet, transferring the info in from my task that I want in my calendar event to set spreadsheet columns. Then I sync new entries to that spreadsheet to new calendar events, using the due date field to set the calendar event date and time and setting default notifications on those calendar events. I do not use the built-in asana calendar syncing, but use this instead and it gives me what I need. It’s not wonderful and I have to pay for Zapier to cover the amount of items I sync, but it’s working a lot better than the built-in functionality. Happy to help you implement, if you want, and this isn’t sufficiently clear.


@Adam_Milgrom How can I change the default duration time? Thanks a lot

Have you tried setting this up and were unable to get what you wanted?
In the task when creating the calendar event in my setup, I am required to set a start_time and end_time. I set one of them from the date/time value in the spreadsheet that came from my task and the other one is that value + or - a certain time value. The Zapier help docs address any available manipulations related to the potential options accessible in their system.


Ive same trouble. I didnt find benefit answer. :crying_cat_face:

Don’t understand, are you saying this only works with Premium accounts or do even those face the same problem? Right now a 3rd party app that charges 5 bucks a month will fix the problem. I might as well upgrade to premium on Asana if it’ll work than to pay for a 3rd party app. Verdict?

I would like to chime in with this being a need for multiple reasons. First, the concept of syncing Asana with calendars isn’t useful if everything becomes and “all day” task. If times are set, or a deadline time is set, then that’s where the task should show up on the time for that calendar day.

We are a local government TV and PR operation, and we cover a lot of televised government meetings. We currently use Excel and Outlook to keep track of all these meetings. But now that we are moving to Asana, it would be nice to drop those other two apps and just use a project in Asana called “Meeting Support” and all our meetings can be listed there. Then we could sync this to Outlook or whatever calendar and have notifications.

But personally, I would prefer tasks to be set with individual notifications, so for these type events, maybe I want the team notified 30 min before. But other normal tasks, I don’t need that precise notification.

Right now, I have no use for the calendar sync because it doesn’t show me when the task is actually supposed to happen within the day.

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just chiming in as I think this is definitely a necessary feature for a project management tool to have.