Set Priority per task

Sometimes we have lot of tasks under a project to do but we don’t know about the priority of the task means which task should be do first etc

Upon creating the task there should be an option to set the priority of the task like
Priority #1 - High
Priority #2 - Normal
Priortity #3 - Low

Priority will help dev to do task without any hassle

You can do this with custom fields or sections. Sections may be hard because you may already have sections to break up the various tasks by function or department, etc.


I agree that this is very easy for custom fields. If you are using the free version, you could use Tags also.


@Karan_Jagota if you use the premium version you can use custom fields for this purpose

Oops sorry missed previous replies!! Sorry to repeat what was already said (pitfalls of using my phone !)

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Well this is disappointing… I think prioritizing a task is a very basic feature that every project management tool should have… It’s a dealbreaker for me… the custom field needs to be paid for and really it’s not the same… so I’ve migrated from Asana to Quire. They’re free and everything is so straightforward without any hidden agendas.

Here’s how I did:

Asana should really let users set priority for a task… really…


Seems crazy that Asana will not let you set a priority rating on a task. Wow, disappointed.


I agree this should be embedded in the Asana app and not something you have to build yourself with Custom Fields. I am already using a workaround - I’m sure like many - to handle workflow status, as that’s another piece missing, although I can only imagine the discussion around that one given it’s complexity…

One problem I have with Asana is the ability to look at a team dashboard in meetings and review work across projects - I have a small team - and move stuff around. As it is, the only way I can do this is use an Advanced Search and then create sections from each user. But if we had priority as a way to sort at least, you could more easily surface what was important amongst all the stuff being worked on, or upcoming.

Hoping this may come along at some point, thanks!

Yes, you can add High, Normal, and Low as priority labels. But how to figure out what of High 50 tasks are more important? We use a weighted decision with priority scores. Ducalis is a prioritization tool.
It syncs with Asana projects and helps to evaluate tasks with a team. As a result, we have a top priority list with tasks sorted by priority. I don’t know a better way to solve the priority issue now.

Oh, and I want to add that you can try two-way sync with Asana.
In our app you can sort by priority in Asana with two-way issue sync.

In Asana you can set just “High”, “Medium”, "Low’ or your priority custom field.

In Ducalis first your team evaluate tasks on different criteria. It makes your team understand WHY this task is important, on which criteria. It gives you bigger picture of tasks’ priorities, not just “Low”, “High” and etc.

And in Asana you see the issue number from top priorities, sort your tasks by priority, and analyse each task position, discuss it using Ducalis Alignment.