How to Set Priority (Not in Custom Fields)

I just need like a basic high/med/low priority. Please tell me I don’t have to use custom fields for that😀

Hi @Bill_Bernat

There is a priority custom field provided by Asana. And you should be able to add it to a project even if you are on the free tier.

Try to click on the + in the column in list view and then from library. There is a priority field that can be added.

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@Bill_Bernat, In addition to @Silvan’s answer… If you want to do it without custom fields you could use tags of High/Medium/Low. Those would let you tag any task without setting up the custom field in each project and they also support a tag view to see all tasks with that tag by clicking twice on the tag.

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Thanks @Silvan and @lpb, exactly the info I needed. Much appreciated! -billb

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