Set a default task template in Zapier when creating a new Asana task

Hi, we’ve recently adopted Asana for our product team to manage the post-release process. All of our engineering-related tasks are in Github and we’re using Zapier to get those tasks into Asana every time they’ve moved into the “released” state.

This works great except for the fact that each of our tasks has 10 subtasks by default. We could create these subtasks using Zapier but it will absolutely destroy our task pool.

We’d like to be able to select a default task template in Zapier when creating a new task in Asana. This would save us lots of money (not using Zapier to create subtasks) and also time (not having to manually add each subtask) to each newly created task.

Furthermore, it would be great to set a default task template for a specific project as there’s no way to currently do this and in some views, like list view, you can create a task without being prompted to choose a task template.


I believe task templates are not available in the API, correct @Phil_Seeman ? That makes it impossible for Zapier to do anything.

Correct! So, right, Zapier can’t do anything with them, unfortunately @James_Dixon.

Hey @James_Dixon, welcome,

Have you tried any integration solutions aside from Zapier? From what I gathered about your use case you seem to be in need of a collaboration tool rather than an automation tool.

I think might be a better option for what you’re trying to do, it’s a lot quicker to set up a sync in Unito and it syncs two ways so you could just set it up and forget it. It also syncs subtasks.
You can also check out Integromat and Tray, they might be of value to you as well.

I hope this was somehow helpful,

Thanks, @anon6244509 – appreciate the welcome and your suggestion. I’ll check out Unito. It may be a hard sell as our company is already deeply invested in Zapier.

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@Bastien_Siebman @Phil_Seeman thank you.

I suppose that the request should probably be more generalized to allow the API to assign a task template then.


Yeah - that request is already here, more or less - you can add your +1…

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So has this functionality been enabled in Zapier now with the Instantiate a task from a template over the API! update? If so, how to do it?

Very highly unlikely. Historically it’s taken Zapier a number of months up to a few years to implement new Asana API functionality.