API to duplicate a task template?

I see the Asana API has a method to duplicate a task. But I don’t see how to duplicate a task template. Is this possible?

This is a must-have, as being able to automatically duplicate a task template via API is one of the main reasons we wanted to use these in the first place. Otherwise, it seems we’ll just need to revert back to using a straggling/lonely task for duplication purposes.


Hi @FreshyJon,

Unfortunately task templates are not currently supported in or available to the API.

@Ross_Grambo can you say if this is something that might change in the future? :crossed_fingers: :pray:


Hey @FreshyJon & @Phil_Seeman ,

It sounds like they’re not on the near-term horizon, but I put in a request for it.


Adding my vote to needing this feature! We need to automate task duplication with the relative due dates that templates give.

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Adding my vote for this also - a much needed feature




Any update on whether this huge need has been heard?
We’re also in early implementation stage and really would benefit from being able to use task templates via API instead of manually maintaining subtasks in Code.

Hi @Jeff_Bantz,

No, it hasn’t been added to the API as of yet.

(FYI Ross is no longer with Asana.)


We are running into the same issue. I want to emphasize this is really a have to have

This feature is key to our workflow. We use the templated tasks to manage client workflows since every client has a similar journey through our client onboarding process. Please add this feature so I can integrate this with zapier or other automation tools

I’m back again, a year later, hoping to make use of the Asana task template via API for a new process I’m building — and alas, we still can’t. :frowning: