Tasks Templates via the API

Recently, task templates were added. But I’m struggling to find any hint of them via the API.

I would like to see/be able to do

  • What templates are available with a task?
  • How do I get an associated gid for a task template?
  • Construct a task via a template

Any suggestions?


Hi @Colin9 and welcome to the community,

Alas task templates are not available or exposed via the API yet. Hopefully they will be added at some point!

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this API and its availability from Zapier!

is there any hint of this capability being opened up soon? :pray:


Any news on this topic? Looking to create a task from a predefined template via the API but I’m not seeing it in the documentation.

No news; task templates still not supported in the API.

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Could someone from Asana look into this, please? This would be super handy for professional environments. Thank you! Stephan

Any updates on this? It would be extremely useful for my organization as well. Thank you!

Hi @Thimios_Dimopulos,

No update on this yet.

Would make lots of use out of this as well! Keeping a “template” task around to duplicate from, but being able to create from a template would be much easier

Eagerly awaiting this feature

Every month goes by, and I can’t believe I still can’t use the API to create a new task from an existing task template. API to use a task template? ("Add task from template" via API)

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Eagerly awaiting this feature.

Hey everyone, thank you for your feedback and patience on this topic! While we generally strive to build APIs as fast-follows to new features features in the Asana web product, it’s not always possible to do so.

The good news is that a tasks template API is currently being built. We don’t have a release date yet, but we hope to have the work finished in a few months. We will post an update on this thread when we have more details to share.


Good to hear!

@John_Baldo any update here? I’m doing automation via API, and it seems silly that I still have to rely on an actual “Task” to duplicate, rather than being able to make use of the Task Template that we also have. We’re literally maintaining a regular “Task” (as a faux template) and a real Task Template, so that the former can be used via API, and the latter can be used within Asana itself.

It’s been over 2 years now… API to use a task template? ("Add task from template" via API)

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Hey All, I appreciate your patience. Following up to let you know that we released a set of endpoints that should allow you to get a gid for a task template and add a task from a template.

More here: Instantiate a task from a template over the API!


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