Sendana Tools-Sendana Add- A Novel Way to Add and/or Transfer Projects and Tasks In Mass

Unless the unexpected happens tomorrow is the big day for the beta release of Sendana Add the most powerful third party replication tool that is currently available. I decided to add cross-Organizational/Workspace capabilities a very major addition. We pushed the API to the maximum and Custom Fields were a real challenge because Asana has limitations and so does the API. But my developer @Mahmudul_Hasan came through. So now we handle custom fields to the maximum that is allowed. This is fully explained in the instructions. Sendana Add even error checks your custom field copying privileges and gives you intelligent error checking so you know when you have to add custom fields across organizations. Within an organization Sendana Add does it for you. Here is an example of how Sendana Add will tell you what you need to do.

. So we have full copying and creating of Custom Fields within your workspace/organization and we can tell you what Custom Fields you need to set up across workspaces/organizations you are a member and have rights to update the custom field. This will be a huge benefit for consultants helping other Asana clients. Asana only allows actual full members logged into their organization to create new custom fields.

But it does not end there. We are using a CSV file for now and as long as information is added accurately you are off to the races to create most everything you want. And the information you add is very basic. I am attaching the line split between organization/workspace data and robust option switches.

Pretty simple right! By the way the options should look very familiar to Asana users duplicating projects and we expanded for even more flexibility. For instance do you want to create a custom field or do you want to create a custom field and use its current value.

So now the list of capabilities is expanded from my earlier post to be:
1. Create a new project from an existing project with multiple options within same organization
2. Create a new project from an existing project with multiple options across organizations that you are a member.
3. Add tasks from an existing project with multiple options to an existing project within an organization_**
4. Add tasks from an existing project with multiple options to an existing project across organizations you are member.
5. It has tremendous flexibility but of course speed is dependent on the API.
6. You will be able to create as many lines of various combinations as you desire once you understand the processing speed for each line.
7. We have tried to add robust error checking to assist you when you accidentally add something wrong.
8. If the community likes the great flexibility we will go from a CSV file input to on screen population, but don’t let the CSV file scare you off as the input is extremely basic compared to other CSV creations in Asana.
9. We handle Tags, Dependencies, Custom Fields, Start Dates so you can create a library of projects to replicate or a library of Projects you want to add to other Projects.
10. A downloadable template is available for Free Subscriptions and a template for Paid Subscriptions to reflect premium features.

The uses extend to many combinations:
1. Are you using projects for clients and want to add a group of tasks to all your clients?
2. Are you using Teams as Clients and you want to add a new project across your clients? The flexibility allows you to point at the Team where you want creation to occur.
3. For those of you that want Asana to develop Task Templates, you have an interim tool because unlike anything currently available you can choose to create a new project or just add tasks from an existing project to an existing project.
4. The processing speed is consistent with other tools using the API but you can of course allow Sendana-Add to run in the background.
5. This was birthed out of the desire to do mass processing and flexibility to all Asana user plans. Users will have to respect the API call limits but adding multiple lines within reason works. Call limits are at the user level and protects the API from being burdened so don’t try to add 1000 lines to run for days :slight_smile:

So tomorrow when I post the hosted web access give it a whirl and we will see what needs to be fixed if anything and how it may help you. We have robust instructions that pop up in a PDF reader tool and can be printed if you desire, so for now use your CSV templates that are available and the future may hold complete online matrix population. See you tomorrow.



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